Marddy’s Kitchen Rental FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis 

Questions to have answers to when considering renting
commercial kitchen space with Marddy’s:

Do I know who my customer is?

Do I currently have customers?

Is my business is ready to take on the expense of a kitchen rental?

Do I need a commercial kitchen or can I cook from home?

Why does my business need a Retail License vs Cottage License?

Can my business support a monthly rental fee?

Presently no, but we are working hard to make it happen. Check back shortly.

  • Business Readiness
  • Product Fit
  • Community Minded and Focused

Marddy’s currently accepts applications on a rolling basis and conducts in-take interviews monthly. Once an application is submitted an email with additional information will be sent.


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Once accepted we assist with securing GA Dept. of Agriculture licensing and business liability insurance – both are required to utilize the kitchen space.


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Please email the Marddy’s team for more information:

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45 minute advisory 1:1 consultation with Marddy’s business and regulatory consultants.


There are many resources available to business owners. Many which are free and easily accessed online.

Food Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Food Safety 

Small Business Administration 

Georgia Department of Agriculture

Cottage Licensing 

Retail Foods Section

Manufacturing Foods Section 

Business Development

Village Micro Fund 


UGA Small Business Development Center